Guidelines for Review Database

Due to the political and linguistic divisions in the Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe regions, current intra- and inter-regional awareness of, let alone familiarity with new quality historical scholarship remains limited and fragmentary. The aim of the ECE Review Database was to help change this situation with establishing this database as the place where reliable, quality coverage of recent works in various national historiographies can be found, written between 1996 and 2012.

Reviewing books on the history of Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe in the three languages of EAST CENTRAL EUROPE/L'EUROPE DU CENTRE-EST Eine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift: in English, French and German, the on-line Review Database of the journal intends to serve as a source for reliable information on the most important current historiographical publications dealing with the aforementioned three regions. 

The book review section of ECE continues to be published in every issue of the journal (in print and with online access; see more on

Authors are also encouraged to participate in the discussions of their works, and contact with them will be sought by the Review Editor. However, as with all items posted, the Review Editor is responsible for maintaining a constructive review process and may ask reviewers to rewrite sections of their contributions. The Review Editor will agree with the reviewers concerning all changes made to their pieces.

The Review Editor also has the prerogative to refuse submissions.

The following copyright statement applies to all reviews that appear on the website of ECE:

Copyright 2006 by ECE, all rights reserved. ECE permits the redistribution and reprinting of this work for non-profit, educational purposes, with full and accurate attribution to the author, web location, date of publication, and: ECE Review Database.